EDU 623: Knife Skills and the ADDIE Model

 Watch the video below to find out more information about this entire training session!


The training session for this activity is an eighth grade Family and Consumer Sciences Foods training session on proper knife cuts in the kitchen. This training is important for the students because it covers various standards throughout the content areas, such as mathematics, in addition to the Family and Consumer Sciences standards of Nutrition and Wellness, and Hospitality, Food Science, Dietetics, Food Production and Services. This training session is also vital to moving forward in the eighth grade Family and Consumer Sciences classroom because without this training on knife cuts, students will not be able to successfully prepare the major dishes that they will be assessed on throughout the unit.

            In order for this training session to be successful, students need a hands-on, kinesthetic experience in addition to a visual and auditory online experience. This training session is a combination of online training and face-to-face training. The online training consists of various videos and trainings from, an online cooking school, while the face-to-face training will include hands-on experiences, including the use of virtual gaming.

 photo 2 (6)photo 1 (7)

For more information on this training session, read the full page document here: Knife Cuts Training

For the storyboard version, access it here: Project #3

The rubric for the summative assessment can be accessed here (It is made to be printed front and back): Rubric


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