The video below is a brief overview of Kay Burke speaking about standardized rubrics.

WHY rubrics?

Burke (2009) states that “rubrics provide clear and specific guidelines for creating quality performance tasks. They help students internalize the criteria from the standards and provide guideposts for achieving escalating indicators of excellence” (p. 87-88). The rubric that is used for the learning activity is an analytical rubric that “require(s) teachers to identify specific knowledge and skills that are critical to completing specific taks…the analytical rubric lists indicators such as understanding of concept, applications of concept, thinking strategies, process skills, and other valued learning targets” (Burke, 2009, p. 91). es.

The rubric for this learning activity is below as a picture but also as a downloadable PDF file!

Menu Creation Rubric

Menu Creation Rubric


Burke, K. (2009). How to assess authentic learning (5th ed.).Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.


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