EDU 627: FACS ID Project Plan

Currently in the City of Waterbury, Connecticut, there are three middle schools and two elemiddle schools that offer Family and Consumer Sciences to students that are enrolled. The programs are run very differently and there is a lack of consistency between schools and educators. The educators are finding that with more Family and Consumer Sciences educators retiring, the Waterbury Public Schools are not replacing the teachers, but they are cutting the program. In order to save the program and their jobs, the educators who teach at the middle schools and elemiddle schools need to address the need to save their program by showing administration how important and current their curriculum is. The first way this can be addressed is through the use of technology in lessons. The project that will be created is a professional development for these Family and Consumer Sciences teachers that will show and teach them how to redesign their curriculum while incorporating the newest technology in their classrooms, making their curriculum more current and valuable for the students and the other stakeholders involved.

Project Proposal

            Technology training for the middle school Family and Consumer Sciences teachers will assist teachers in teaching their curriculum by allowing them to redesign their lessons to make them more relevant for today’s 21st Century middle school learner. By doing so, students will become more engaged in the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum and will achieve at an even greater level, which will allow Family and Consumer Sciences teachers to be even more confident teaching their content. Administration will see that with the increase in success of the Family and Consumer Sciences program, it is a relevant program that connects to the lives of all students and assists in the teaching and learning of the core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The objectives for this training includes designing Family and Consumer Sciences lessons and appropriate teaching materials, while implementing the new education on technology. This training will be conducted using an online Webinar designed by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS). After the online Webinar, the trainees will get the hands-on experience that they need in order to implement the newest Web 2.0 technology. The trainees will then use the computers in the computer lab to re-design their lessons in their curriculum by incorporating some type of new technology that they learned about.

The training will be conducted on a monthly basis during half-day professional development days, starting in August 2014 and commencing in June 2015. The milestones for this project consist of the development of the content, with the focus on Family and Consumer Sciences materials that teachers should be currently teaching, approval of the content, design of the handouts and assessments, and revision of the material throughout the training process. The budget for this project is the following: $32 / hour for 40 hours, which includes the preparation of materials and the cost for the webinar.

According to Cox (2009), the project-scope statement is, “the document that details the project’s objectives, deliverables, and requirements. The project-scope statement is designed to give everyone concerned with the project a clear impression of what the outcome of the project is intended to produce” (p. 69).  The project-scope statement for this project is the following: The project scope is the creation of a technology integration professional development for the middle school Family and Consumer Sciences teachers by June 20, 2015 at a cost of $2,000 or less.


For more information on this training, read the attached document here: FACS ID Training


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