The Words I would Say…

I had a completely “off” day at school today. It could have been due to the fact that there were no kids and we had professional development all day…who knows.

As we sat and did our SLOs and started uploading our evaluation material onto the computer, I just didn’t feel like myself. Looking through everything I had written on paper and reflecting on my students and their behaviors, etc I just asked myself, “Am I REALLY being as effective as I think I am?” I sat there and tried to think of the positives and I had nothing but negative things to say about myself and my teaching.

As I sat at my desk and blankly stared at my papers, my principal walked in my room just to chat. Next thing you know, he walks over to my window and looks out at the street activity and I blurt out, “I am completely overwhelmed right now.” Completely confused, he looked at me and said, “What do you mean? How so?” I tried explaining to him my thoughts and he had nothing but positives to say about me and my teaching.

As much as I should have walked away from that conversation feeling better…..I didn’t. 

The rest of the day I just went through the motions and got my work done and did what I had to do. 

On my way home, I was changing the stations on my Sirius XM radio and came across this song that spoke volumes to me. It was as if I was supposed to hear this song on my ride home.

Check out the link above to the video with the lyrics. It’s helping me a bit.

For all I know, somebody reading this can be feeling somewhat similar.

Well wishes,



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