How would you feel? A Teacher’s Concern.

The objective of this blog is to be all about the FISH! Philosophy and how to incorporate it into your life and classroom. This blog is suppose to ooze positivity and optimism, however, I’ll be honest…..tonight, it’s not.

How would you feel?

Last night there was a murder on the street right across from one of the schools that I teach at. The 33 year old man stabbed a 17 year old to death. This street many of my students (6th graders) live on and witnessed what happened. To make it worse, the murderer is the father of 2 of my Kindergarten students. 

How would you feel?

As a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher I am certified PK-12. I have taught/dealt with a lot of different types of students in grades K-12 and families in the inner city with all sorts of issues, however, this is something I cannot wrap my head around. I keep trying to tell myself that this is not my burden to bear, however, how do you not? How do you ignore the fact that “Daddy is a murderer”? How do you ignore the fact that maybe they even witnessed what happened? I worry that I will never see my 2 students again because they might relocate. I worry that I will never get the chance to remind them how special and talented they are. I worry that I will not be able to have the opportunity to teach them that there IS good in the world. 

How would you feel?

I am speechless.


American Promise [trailer]

Cannot wait to see this. This seems like an extremely powerful documentary.


A documentary 13 years in the making, American Promise follows the journeys of two African-American boys and their families from kindergarten to high school graduation and provides a powerful narrative about the lives of african-american boys and their families, as well as the factors that contribute to the achievement gap in education for black males.

Opens in New York October 18. See here for cities & showtimes:

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Are we graduating smarter, more prepared students in the digital age?

Great post about technology and education!

E-Learning Resources

I recently attended and presented at the NC3ADL Distance Learning Conference.  It was great to see my old friends and colleagues at the Raleigh Convention Center especially since I retired from full time teaching and distance learning administration at Carteret Community College.

One thing that struck me while attending one of the conference sessions was just how many amazing and powerful digital tools and applications we as educators have at our disposal for delivering (teaching) our courses compared to 20-30 years ago. The digital (internet) age has changed (impacted) education at all levels dramatically.

The question I have is… are we graduating smarter more prepared students because of all these new, powerful and sophisticated instructional tools and applications?  I hate to admit it, however, I would have to say no if I were to base my answer on my personal experiences as an online educator. Students and teachers now have…

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