Introduction to the FISH! Philosophy


Hello, FISH! Philosophers!

My name is Gianna (John-na) and I like to call myself a “FISH! Philosopher”. What does all that mean exactly?

When I was a little girl, my father brought home this videotape (YES! VIDEOTAPE FOR ALL MY YOUNG READERS) about these guys in a fish market in Seattle, WA that would yell and throw fish in their market. Being the young girl that I was, the tape did not have much meaning to my life. When I was in my Junior year of high school, I became a student leader, serving as the Class of 2007 Junior Class President. All of the student leaders in the school went on a trip to a student leader retreat where I was re-introduced to the “Fish! Philosophy”. It was this philosophy that changed my life. The four principles of “Play”, “Make Their Day”, “Be There”, and “Choose Your Attitude” impacted my statement to my peers, to my community, and the rest of the world. As a leader and a person, I made it my mission to make others feel welcome and important.

Since then, I have been living my life by following these principles. The purpose of this blog is to share with people, especially teachers, motivation from the FISH! philosophy and also provide teachers with strategies and different activities that they can incorporate in their classrooms. I have been teaching the FISH! Philosophy to my students for three years and I have noticed that since learning the FISH! Philosophy, some of my students have gained a greater sense of self, community service, and respect.

Enjoy my blog and welcome aboard my journey as a FISH! Philosopher!